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Commercial Nurseries

Weed Blocker surpresses unwanted growth while still letting in air and water. Weeding is one of the most time consuming and costly mainenance tasks for commercial nurserie, but Weed Blocker is cost effective - buy it once and use it over and over again to reduce the costs of labor and herbicides and maintain a neat appearance.

Organic Growers

Unlike harmful chemical options, Weed Blocker is a barrier control that is quick and easy to apply at any stage of the plant lifecycle. It allows air and water to pass through but uses advanced technology to prevent unwanted growth without the use of herbicides .And it has the additional benefit of breaking the life cycle of certain insect pests that need access to the soil to complete their life cycle.

Botanic Gardens and Schools

Weed Blocker is a good choice for botanical gardens and schools that need to focus on a combination of cost-cutting and sustainability in an educational framework. Our product fits well with the philosophy of responsible, sustainable growth, by conserving soil and water and cutting down on the need for chemical controls.


Interior Landscaping Maintenance

Keep indoor displays beautiful with minimal work using Weed Blocker. Weeds can make interior landscaping look messy and unkempt, but our product will reduce unwanted growth so your flora looks its best all year. It will reduce water loss through evaporation, which means you spend less time watering and can focus your resources on more important tasks.

Home Gardeners

You don’t have to be a pro to have a garden that looks like it’s maintained by the pros. Weed Blocker reduces the amount of time you spend working on your garden, so you can spend more time enjoying it. Less weeding and watering means you might actually find time to- dare we say it- stop and smell the roses.