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Weed Blocker is a weed barrier system invented by Diego Scort, owner of Bloom Nursery and Growers. He needed a system that would allow him to cut down on chemical costs as well as the many man hours spent weeding by his staff. His customers were also demanding plants grown by more sustainable methods. He came up with the idea for Weed Blocker and used the system in his nursery.

Not only did the Weed Blocker barrier system successfully control the weeds in his nursery, it also helped to conserve moisture and cut down insect attacks from certain pests that need access to the soil to complete their life cycle. He was producing healthy beautiful plants, at a lower cost. His invention was working so well he decided to offer it to other nursery owners

Because it is a barrier system it's perfect for organic production as well as conventional nurseries. Interior plant designers, schools, and botanical gardens will also find them useful. Less time weeding means more time for more productive pursuits.


Podocarpus with and without Weed Blocker after 4 weeks.

Podocarpus after using weed blocker for 4 weeks shows no weed growth.